Who I Am...
Just a guy who one day stumbled into the nutty world of Online Sales & Marketing and was immediately drawn in.
It's the idea of being able to sell & deliver digital products & services all over the world 24x7, that was impossible for me to ignore. 

With the magic of the Internet, pretty much anyone has the ability to share their talents, skills and passions and get paid at the same time...

The only real limitations are your imagination, work ethic and the willingness to be bold enough to just go for it.

For me, I saw nothing but BIG upside potential with very little downside risk relative to most other "typical" business models requiring huge upfront investment that often puts families at into massive risk and debt they may never recover from if they can't quickly become profitable.

I'm sure you've seen a few of those shows all about rescuing failing businesses like bars, restaurants, real estate ventures and so on. 

Even the entrepreneurs you see on Shark Tank have dedicated massive amounts of time, money, energy and resources just to get to the point of pitching their struggling products and inventions on that show.

So that's what got me started on the path of learning how to create, market & sell stuff using the Internet, regardless if it's your own products & services or someone else's... the concepts are pretty much the same.

Anyway, fast-forward to today and here I am... :)

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