HEY IT'S JOHN ZAPATA & Thanks For Stopping By!
First I just want to say welcome, I'm glad you're here! And because you are here, you're obviously cool, so feel free to contact me anytime :)
How To Get In Touch...
Just click the button below to open a request...
Frequently Asked Questions...
Is It Easy To Customize This Site Once I Get It?
YES - You just have to be able to do basic ClickFunnels stuff. It doesn't take long and you'll have an awesome looking site by the end of the day! If you get stuck just send me a message and I'll help you out...
Do You Have Any Support Videos Or Training?
YES - I will be creating simple training videos you'll get free access to when I send you the site or any other funnel you sign up for. I will be working on these on an ongoing basis as needed.
Can You Interview Me For Your Blog/Site, Product Or Podcast?
Probably, if it makes sense to do so and depending on my schedule etc. Definitely get in touch to let me know what you have in mind.
Why Do You Have To Open A Support Ticket?
Because I get a lot of email and don't want to miss yours...
What are your support hours?
I don't have any hours set in stone. It's safer to expect a response during business hours (9AM -5PM) EST... However, I've been known to respond any time I'm online, depending on the things I mentioned in the previous question.
How long will it take to get a response?
Can depend on several things like - how busy I am; how complex your message is; when you submit your message; or even how cool you are... that's right I said it. If you sound like an unpleasant person just wanting to rant or whatever - It's possible my "pain-in-the-ass" email filter may "accidentally" move your message to the bottom of the list...

But you don't have to worry because you're cool right? :)  
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